AMPHIPOLS: Applications

Application 3: ligand binding
Type of application Rationale Observations Amphipols used References
Ligand binding and functional studies Avoid functional perturbations and/or destabilization by detergent. Ligand binding very generally unperturbed. Most MPs functional in APols, but the enzymatic cycle of the calcium ATPase is slowed down, possibly due to damping of large-scale transmembrane conformational changes. A8-35, NAPols, PMAL, SMALPs Basit et al. (2012), Bazzacco et al. (2012), Champeil et al. (2000), Charvolin et al. (2009, 2014), Dahmane et al. (2009, 2013), Ferrandez et al. (2014), Gohon et al. (2008), Gorzelle et al. (2002), Knowles et al. (2009), Le Bon et al. (2014a), Martinez et al. (2002), Picard et al. (2006), Popot et al. (2003), Rahmeh et al. (2012)
MP immobilization onto solid supports Tagged APols will simultaneously make a MP water-soluble, stabilize it biochemically, and anchor it onto a solid support. Tags that have been validated to date include biotin, polyhistidine, an oligodeoxynucleotide, and distributed imidazole moieties. A8-35, NAPols,
Basit et al. (2012), Charvolin et al. (2009), Della Pia et al. (2014a, b), Ferrandez et al. (2014), Giusti et al. (2014a), Le Bon et al. (2014a)