AMPHIPOLS: Applications

Application 1: stabilization
Type of application Rationale Observations Amphipols used References
Stabilization A complex issue. Involves limitation of hydrophobic sink, preservation of MP/lipid interactions, and damping of transmembrane domain conformational excursions. Most MPs tested to date are more stable in APols than in detergent solutions. There seems to be a tendency for the less highly charged APols to be more stabilizing (see Bazzacco et al. 2012; Picard et al. 2006), but it may not be universal ( Huynh et al. 2014)
A8-35, SAPols, NAPols, PMAL Bazzacco et al. (2012), Champeil et al. (2000), Dahmane et al. (2011,2013), Etzkorn et al. (2013), Feinstein et al. (2014), Gohon et al. (2008), Huynh et al. (2014), Picard et al. (2006), Pocanschi et al. (2013), Popot (2010), Popot et al. (2003, 2011), Tifrea et al. (2011, 2014), Tribet et al. (1996)
Trapping labile supercomplexes, assembly intermediates etc. Observing and studying MP assemblies that are too labile to resist exposure to detergents. Perhaps one of the most interesting applications of APols, but still underdeveloped. A8-35 Althoff et al. (2011)