FRC 550 CNRS - Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology

Director Francis-André Wollman

UMR 7141 CNRS / University Paris 6 - (ex UPR 1261) Laboratory of Membrane and Molecular Physiology of Chloroplast

Director Francis-André Wollman

UMR 8261 CNRS / University Paris 7 - Laboratory of Microbial Genetic Expression

Director Harald Putzer- Deputy director Ciaran Condon

UPR 9080 CNRS - Laboratory of Theoretical Biochemistry

Director Marc Baaden

UMR 7099 CNRS /University Paris 7 - Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Biology of Membrane Proteins

Director Bruno Miroux

UMR 8226 CNRS / Pierre and Marie Curie University - Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Eukaryotes

Director Stephane Lemaire

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