Visualisation wall

Visualisation wall

The visualization platform at the IBPC institute offers an 25 MPixel high-resolution high-dimension display wall with stereoscopic 3D representations for a semi-immersive experience allowing researchers to explore and manipulate their data.

The display wall consists of 12 stereoscopic displays arranged in a four column by three row matrix setup with a total dimensions of 4.4m wide by 1.8m high and a resolution of 7680 by 3240 pixels, addressed as a single screen through Windows, Mac OSX or Linux workstations.

It empowers researchers to visualize high resolutions images (from electron, confocal, etc microscopy) and visualize macromolecule structures and simulations trajectories in 3D.


The platform is composed of :

- display wall with stereoscopic representation composed of 12 displays  with a total dimensions of 4.4m wide by 1.8m high and a resolution of 7680 by 3240 pixels

- 3 workstations (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) connected to the wall with 4 GPU cards in each.

- A control system (tablet, screen, keyboard and gyroscopic mouse) to interact with the wall.


visualisation wall

visualisation wall


The platform offers to researchers a high dimension and stereoscopic display to explore and manipulate their data. It allows to :

- Display high resolutions images from experimental procedure (Confocal Microscopy, Scanning Electron microscope, ...)

- Display structure of macromolecules and trajectories of simulations in 3D (Pymol, Chimera, Coot, VMD, UnityMol, )

- Visualize simoutinlasy different type of data thanks to the high dimension.

- Display at the same time the content of 4 notebooks on the wall to facilitate information sharing during meetings.


Scientific Supervisor :

Marc Baaden, DR UPR 9080


Plateform Engineer :

Hubert Santuz, IE UPR 9080

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