In 2011, a consortium of laboratories from the IBPC, the Institut Pasteur and the Université Paris Descartes received "Equipex" funding for a project named CACSICE.
This project involves the installaton different tools, including an NMR spectrometer "solid / liquid" in 2015/16


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is first and foremost an analytical technique. It therefore allows to detection, identification and quantification of chemical and biological molecules.
Through more sophisticated use, NMR is also a technique for structural determination of molecules, particularly biological macromolecules: proteins, nucleic acids, etc.

rmn macro

In structural biology, NMR has made its mark as an alternative to the other major technique of X-ray crystallography:
- Because some proteins do not crystallize.
- Because an NMR sample is closer to its native conditions (aqueous solution, room temperature, interaction with ligands or receptors, dynamic ...)


For more information, you can consult The following pdf

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