Christel LE BON

Christel LE BON is a research engineer with a background in physico-chemistry of polymers. She did her pH.D. studying the agggregation process under heat of β-lactoglobulin, a globular protein by using Static and Dynamic Light Scatterring, Size Exclusion chromatography. She also focused on analysing the interfacial properties of oleosins, oil body proteins.

Her current work focuses on developing functionalized amphipols and their applications.


Laboratoire de Biologie Physico-Chimique des Protéines Membranaires UMR 7099 - IBPC
13 rue Pierre et Marie Curie F-75005 Paris, France
Mail : christel.le-bon(at)
Lab Web page:
Amphipol Web page:

Selected Articles:

  1. P. Bazzacco, E. Billon-Denis, K. S. Sharma, L. J. Catoire, S. Mary, C. Le Bon, E. Point, J.-L. Banères, G. Durand, F. Zito, B. Pucci, and J.-L. Popot Non-ionic homopolymeric amphipols: Application to membrane protein folding, cell-free synthesis, and solution NMR. Biochemistry, 51:1416-1430
  2. K. S. Sharma, G. Durand, F. Gabel, P. Bazzacco, C. Le Bon, E. Billon-Denis, L. J. Catoire, J.-L. Popot, C. Ebel and B. Pucci Non-ionic amphiphilic homopolymers: Synthesis, solution properties, and biochemical validation. Langmuir 28:4625-4639

Selected Reviews:

  1. Popot et al. (2011). Amphipols from A to Z. Annu. Rev. Biophys. 40, 379–408