Registration and fees

October update (01/10/13):
Pre-registration & registration fot the theoretical course is still possible and open until October 15, 2013.

The maximum number of participants for the practicals has been reached. A waiting list for the practicals has been now established.

  • Pre-registration procedure:

The pre-registration form must be fully completed on-line before September 30, 2013.
Note that the practicals are limited to twelve people. Applicants will be registered on a first-come first-served basis, as payment of their registration fee is completed. Participation to the practicals is contingent on following the theoretical course.

  • Final registration validation procedure:

After reception of your pre-registration, an e-mail will be sent you with a link to validate the pre-registration and pay the registration fee by credit card or purchase order.

  • Registration fees:

Note that all fees are VAT included (Fees excluding VAT concern CNRS staff only) and that reduced fee applies to students only.
Participants working in CNRS, INSERM, CEA or INRA laboratories should contact their Formation Permanente for a possible fee contribution.
Registration must be completed before August 31st. Payment can only be made to the CNRS administration, not to the organizers.
Except in case of force majeure, no refund will be given for cancellation.
To convert to US dollars at today's rate, a possible web site is



Other academic researchers (including post-docs)

Non-academic Researchers

Theoretical part

€ 300 (Excluding VAT)
€ 358,80 (Including VAT)

€ 400 (Excluding VAT)
€ 478,40 (Including VAT)

€ 550 (Excluding VAT)
€ 657,80 (Including VAT)

Theoretical part + Practicals

€ 450 (Excluding VAT)
€ 538,20 (Including VAT)

€ 550 (Excluding VAT)
€ 657,80 (Including VAT)

€ 750 (Excluding VAT)
€ 837,20 (Including VAT)

  • Pre-registration and registration links: