AMPHIPOL BIBLIOGRAPHY: an exhaustive list of publications

Special issue of Journal of membrane biology

  1. Polovinkin, V., Gushchin, I., Sintsov, M., Round, E., Balandin, T., Chervakov, P., Schevchenko, V., Utrobin, P., Popov, A., Borshchevskiy, V., Mishin, A., Kuklin, A., Willbold, D., Chupin, V., Popot, J.-L. & Gordeliy, V. (2014).
    High-resolution structure of a membrane protein transferred from amphipol to a lipidic mesophase.
    Oct;247(9-10):997-1004 [PubMed].

  2. Sverzhinsky, A., Qian, S., Yang, L., Allaire, M., Moraes, I., Ma, D., Chung, J.W., Zoonens, M., Popot, J.-L. & Coulton, J.W. (2014).
    Amphipol-trapped ExbB-ExbD membrane protein complex from Escherichia coli: a biochemical and structural case study.
    Oct;247(9-10):1005-1018 [PubMed].

  3. Opačić, M., Giusti, F., Popot, J.-L., Broos, J. (2014).
    Isolation of Escherichia coli mannitol permease, EIImtl, trapped in amphipol A8-35 and fluorescein-labeled A8-35.
    Oct;247(9-10):1019-1030 [PubMed].

  4. Opačić, M., Durand, G., Bosco, M., Polidori, A. & Popot, J.-L. (2014).
    Amphipols and photosynthetic light-harvesting pigment-protein complexes.
    Oct;247(9-10):1031-1041 [PubMed].

  5. Fernandez A., Le Bon, C., Baumlin, N., Giusti, F., Crémel, G., Popot, J.L. & Bagnard, D.(2014).
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    Oct;247(9-10):1043-1051 [PubMed].

  6. Feinstein, H.E., Tifrea, D., Sun, G., Popot, J.-L., de la Maza, L.M. & Cocco, M.J.(2014).
    Long-term stability of a vaccine formulated with the amphipol-trapped major outer membrane protein from Chlamydia trachomatis.
    Oct;247(9-10):1053-1065 [PubMed].