Presentation of their project by participants in the practicals

On the first day of the course, participants in the practical course will have the opportunity to give a flash presentation (one slide, 2-3 minutes) of their research project, and to explain why they are interested in using amphipols.

Discussion of experimental data

It would be useful that participants in the practicals bring their own USB key and laptop so as to make it easier to display and discuss the experimental results obtained during the course.

Recommended reading

We strongly recommend all participants to read ref. 1, and participants in the practical course refs. 2 and 3. Ref. 1 presents an overview of the properties and applications of amphipols. It will prepare you to fully benefit from the presentations that will be given on Day 1. Ref. 2 is essential to understanding the formation, stability and dynamics of membrane protein/amphipol complexes, whereas ref. 3 provides an introduction to the use of amphipols for folding membrane proteins. Time permitting, discussions will be organized around these two papers during the practicals, as a way of making it clear what to pay attention to when devising trapping, handling and folding protocols.

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