Transportation from the hotel to Case

Arrangements are made to ensure for free transportation from the hotel to Case and back in the morning and evening.

Case Western university, Department of Pharmacology

The theoretical and practical parts of the 2012 amphipol workshop will take place in :

Department of Pharmacology , WOOD Building W321, 2109 Adelbert Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106-2624, US

Three useful links:

- Case western university site :

- A campus map:

- Mapquest

Driving Directions to Dept. of Pharmacology, Wood Building, W321

GPS Address to building: 2109 Adelbert Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106-2624, US

GPS Address to Parking Garage: 2078 Emergency Drive, Cleveland OH 44106

Parking Directions: The best parking garage to park in is off of Circle Dr. (see map up – between the Nursing and Biomedical Research Building). It’s called the Health Science Parking Garage / visitors garage and can also be reached from Emergency Drive off Cornell. Upon entering, follow the signs to the School of Medicine. The entrance door is labeled with a big green “M”. Enter and turn a slight right, there is the security desk. Have them call up to x4617. Keep your ticket on you, and it will be validated in W321.

Emergency Contact:
Cami Thompson – office, 216-368-4617