Our lab is interested in identifying new ribonucleases in B. subtilis and how they are regulated. We recently identified and characterized the new RNase Rae1/YacP which binds to the A site of the ribosome to cleave its RNAs targets. We also study the mechanisms of action of some of newly-identified RNA processing enzymes at the atomic level. Structural studies on the B. subtilis pyrophosphohydrolase, BsRppH, for example, led to the discovery that this enzyme primarily deprotects mRNAs with a G-residue in the second position. [More information…]

We are now interested in how the activity of these enzymes can be modulated by small regulatory RNAs. We have shown that the RoxS sRNA, which is also found in the Gram-positive pathogen Staphylococcus aureus, is implicated in the oxidative stress response and controls the NAD/NADH ratio in B. subtilis. RoxS can modulate the degradation of mRNAs targets either positively or negatively. [More information…]


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New publications:

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