The French Bioenergetics Group (GFB)

The GFB is an association under the 1901 law whose objective is to support the development of scientific research in the field of bioenergetics and to federate all the laboratories working in this field. The main activity of the GFB is the organization of a biannual congress.

Bioenergetics focuses on the mechanisms of energy conversion by living organisms, whether they are bacteria, unicellular eukaryotes (diatoms, amoebae, yeasts, etc.), plants or animals. This energy can be light, electrical, chemical, osmotic, mechanical or thermal.

GFB activities:

Organization of a biannual national congress

In order to maintain a dynamic of collaboration between the different laboratories involved in the GFB, the main activity of the GFB has been the organization of a biennial congress for more than 40 years. With ~100 participants, this congress offers an irreplaceable framework for keeping abreast of latest advances in bioenergetic research on a national scale and for in-depth discussions covering the entire discipline.

Promotion of young researchers

Young researchers represent 40% of attendeed. 50% of oral presentations are given by doctoral students who often have their first opportunity to present their work to their peers. This first stage puts them in the best position to then participate in international congresses such as the EBEC (European BioEnergetics Conference) or in prestigious conferences such as the Gordon Conferences “Bioenergetics“, “Photosynthesis” or “Mitochondria and Chloroplasts“.

The GFB is also:

Scholarships for students:

Every two years, around ten scholarships, supporting registration and accommodation fees, are granted to students to attend the GFB congress. Based on their presentations, some students also get scholarships to participate in the EBEC congress.

An information and exchange network:

The GFB is also a network for the exchange of scientific, technical or practical information. New scientific collaborations are initiated at each congress. Announcements of doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships are regularly sent to the GFB mailing list.

EBEC International Organizing Committee

The GFB is represented in the international organizing committee of the European Bioenergetics Conferences. Furthermore, the GFB has twice organized the EBEC, the last of which in 2022 in Aix-en-Provence.