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ChlamyStation : Collection de mutants de photosynthèse de Chlamydomonas

PredAlgo : Prédiction d'adressage intracellulaire chez les algues

IBPC : Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique



Publications du laboratoire

2019 Publications      TOP

  • De Mia M, Lemaire S D, Choquet Y and Wollman F-A (2019) Nitric Oxide Remodels the Photosynthetic Apparatus upon S-Starvation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Plant Physiol, 179(2):718-731.

  • Jolivet P, Serhal K, Graf M, Eberhard S, Xu Z, Luke B and Teixeira M T (2019) A subtelomeric region affects telomerase-negative replicative senescence in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Scientific Reports, 9(1):1845

  • Nawrocki W, Bailleul B, Picot D, Cardol P, Rappaport F, Wollman F-A and Joliot P (2019) The mechanism of cyclic electron flow, Biochim Biophys Acta

  • Nawrocki W J, Buchert F, Joliot P, Rappaport F, Bailleul B and Wollman F-A (2019) Chlororespiration controls growth under intermittent light, Plant Physiol 179(2):630-639

  • Nawrocki W, Bailleul B, Cardol P, Rappaport F, Wollman F-A and Joliot P (2019) Maximal cyclic electron flow rate is independent of PGRL1 in Chlamydomonas, Biochim Biophys Acta.

  • Rohr M, Ries F, Herkt C, Gotsmann VL, Westrich LD, Gries K, Trösch R, Christmann J, Chaux F, Jung M, Zimmer D, Mühlhaus T, Sommer FK, Schroda M, Keller S, Möhlmann T, Willmund F (2019) The role of plastidic trigger factor serving protein biogenesis in green algae and land plants, Plant Physiol

  • Stock F, Syrpas M, Graff van Creveld S, Backx S, Blommaert L, Dow L, Stock W, Ruysbergh E, Lepetit B, Bailleul B, Sabbe K, De Kimpe N, Willems A, Kroth P G, Vardi A, Vyverman W and Mangelinckx S (2019) N-Acyl Homoserine Lactone Derived Tetramic Acids Impair Photosynthesis in Phaeodactylum tricornutum, ACS Chemical Biology ,

  • Takegawa Y, Nakamura M, Nakamura S, Noguchi T, Sellés J, Rutherford A W, Boussac A and Sugiura M (2019) New insights on ChlD1 function in Photosystem II from site-directed mutants of D1/T179 in Thermosynechococcus elongatus, Biochim Biophys Acta, 1860(4):297 - 309.

  • Viola, S. , Cavaiuolo, M. , Drapier, D. , Eberhard, S. , Vallon, O. , Wollman, F. and Choquet, Y. (2019), MDA1, a nucleus‐encoded factor involved in the stabilization and processing of the atpA transcript in the chloroplast of Chlamydomonas. Plant J. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1111/tpj.14300

2018 Publications      TOP

2017 Publications      TOP

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2015 Publications      TOP

Chapitres dans des ouvrages

Rappaport Fabrice

A Method Aimed at Assessing the Functional Consequences of the Supramolecular Organization of the Respiratory Electron Transfer Chain by Time-Resolved Studies.

2014 Publications      TOP


Plastid Biology

Series: Advances in Plant Biology, Vol. 5

Theg Steven, Wollman Francis-André (Eds.)

2014, XII, 589 p.

2013 Publications      TOP

Chapitres dans des ouvrages

Rappaport Fabrice, Haraux Francis et Wollman Francis-André

L’énergie et le vivant.

in: Mosseri, R. et Jeandel, C (eds.) L’énergie à découvert, pp. 54-57. Paris, CNRS Editions.

Rappaport Fabrice, and Boussac Alain.

Photosystem II: Water Oxidation, Overview.

In: Lennarz W.J. and Lane M.D. (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry, vol. 3, pp. 520-524. Waltham, MA: Academic Press.

2012 Publications      TOP

Chapitres dans des ouvrages

Bassi R, Cardol P, Choquet Y, de Marchin T, Economou C, Franck F, Goldschmidt-Clermont M, Jacobi A, Janssens M, Loizeau K, Mathy G, Plancke C, Posten C, Purton S, Remacle C, Wei L, Wollman F-A

Finding the bottleneck: A research strategy for improved biomass production.

in Microalgal Biotechnology: Integration and Economy, 227-252. Berlin, Boston: DE GRUYTER.

Ed. by Posten, Clemens / Walter, Christian

2011 Publications      TOP

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