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ChlamyStation : Chlamydomonas Photosynthetic Mutant Collection

PredAlgo : multi-subcellular localization prediction tool dedicated to Algae

IBPC : Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique


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The laboratory has six Assistant Professors who teach at the Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC-Paris VI) : 

  • Alix Boulouis, Assistant Professor

  • Jean-Pierre Bouly, Assistant Professor

  • Stephan Eberhard, Assistant Professor

  • Marianne Jaubert, Assistant Professor

  • Ingrid Lafontaine, Assistant Professor

  • Katia Wostrikoff, Assistant Professor

The lab is a mixed Unit of the CNRS and Sorbonne Université. It’s members are involved in teaching university students. It hosts ATER research associates and Sorbonne Université and UPS monitors. The laboratory is involved in supervising students of all levels (BTS, Licence, Master) coming from Sorbonne Université or from other higher education institutions. It especially contributes to the Master’s module of the UPMC « Experimental and Theoretical Approaches for Resolving Scientific Enigmas in the Laboratory Context », which is open equally to students of other universities.

The laboratory has 2 EAD (which stands for - équipes d'accueil doctoral - or doctoral supervision teams) associated with the following doctoral schools:

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