Chemistry & biochemistry of ligands and surfactants

Laurent Catoire, Fabrice Giusti, Elodie Point, Jean-Luc Popot, Francesca Zito, Manuela Zoonens

The chemistry staff of UMR 7099 plays an important role in the life of the laboratory by providing biochemists and biophysicists with molecules that are not commercially available. At the present time, the activity of the chemistry group revolves around three main themes, which are:

Thus, in our laboratory, chemists have to pay attention to their colleague’s needs, as was done by their predecessors, who worked in the same space until 2004. They chiefly synthesized labeled analogues of lipids and were widely recognized as excellent specialists. The present chemists of UMR 7099 would like to acknowledge and make a tribute to Pierre Fellmann and Paulette Hervé for their great legacy and wish them good luck for their retirement!

Pierre Fellmann and Paulette Hervé

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